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#Gift your Friends more #Happiness, #Positivity, #Prosperity and Good #Health by gifting them #Green #Gifts- lovely Green plants with Planters/Designer Pots -Clay/Terracotta/Porcelain and so on………….. Make Green as your Bestest Friend which will always bless you. 

Make your Atmosphere refreshed with Green theme by putting more green plants in and around your office and Home.

Green Plants always give out good and Positive vibes – whether they’re kept on your Side table, your work Station, or in your living room! They’re also considered auspicious in Feng Shui and are an integral part of any home’s indoor decor! But did you know that they also bring extra good luck based on your zodiac sign?

Yesssssssssssssss………its true,

The 12 zodiac signs are divided into 4 groups of elements – Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Based on these elements, each sign has a unique household plant which is meant to release positive vibes and Good luck! We, at Gift Green are True Lovers of plants. So, lets have a look of the lucky plant for your zodiac sign!

  • Aquarious – Pothos (20th January till 18th February):-

          (Personality- Humanitarian / Truthful /Inspired /Imaginative) (Sign -Air and Ruler-Uranus)

  • Pisces – ZZ Plant (19th February till 20th March)

            (Personality- Wise/Emotional/Artistic) (Sign -Water and Ruler-Neptune and Jupiter)

  • Aries – Succulents (21st March till 19th April)

            (Personality- Magnetic/Determined/Go-getters) (Sign -Fire and Ruler-Mars)

  • Taurus – Money Plant (20th April till 20th May)

            (Personality- Loyal/Dreamy/Ambitious) (Sign -Earth and Ruler-Venus)

  • Gemini – Lavender (21st May till 20th June)

            (Personality- Optimistic/Adaptable/Expressive) (Sign -Air and Ruler-Mercury)

  • Cancer – Water Lilies (21st June till 22nd July)

           (Personality- Emotional/Sympathetic/Spontaneous) (Sign –Water and Ruler-Moon)

  • Leo – Dahlia (23rd July till 22nd August)

           (Personality- Endearing/Warm/Cheerful) (Sign –Fire and Ruler-Sun)

  • Virgo – Rubber Tree (23rd August till 22nd September)

           (Personality- Intelligent/Practical/Responsible) (Sign –Earth and Ruler-Mercury)

  • Libra – Daisy (23rd September till 22nd October)

          (Personality- Diplomatic/Admirer/Social) (Sign –Air and Ruler-Venus)

  • Scorpio – Dracaena Plant (23rd October till 21st November)

          (Personality- Intelligent/Mysterious/Determined) (Sign –Water and Ruler-Mars/Pluto)

  • Sagittarius – Red Rose (22nd November till 21st December)

           (Personality- Inquisitive/Intellectual/Idealistic) (Sign –Fire and Ruler-Jupiter)

  • Capricorn – Water Lily (22nd December till 19th January)

            (Personality- Ambitious/Conservative/Helpful) (Sign –Earth and Ruler-Saturn)

Spread Love with Greens and make our Mother Earth more Green…………………………………Think Green Be Green…

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